Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump

A fuel pump in an automobile is designed to push gas from the gas tank to the engine. Thus, if a fuel pump is not working properly in a gas-powered car, there can be issues. An experienced mechanic can easily replace a faulty fuel pump, but the key is to have it replaced before it fails completely, leaving you stranded with a car that will not run. Some of the common warning signs that a fuel pump is going bad include the following. 

Sputtering Engine

When you're driving at a consistent high speed on a highway or freeway, your vehicle's engine may sputter if there is a problem with your fuel pump. When this happens, you vehicle may be operating normally, the engine will sputter, and then the vehicle will resume running properly. This happens because a failing fuel pump is no longer able to consistently provide gas to the engine. Never ignore a sputtering engine -- this type of issue necessitates a prompt visit to an auto repair shop.

Decreased Power 

A failing fuel pump can become very apparent when a vehicle is under stress. If you notice that your vehicle has a marked decrease in power when driving up a hill or towing something, it may be because the fuel pump is unable to keep up with the amount of gas that the engine needs. In the event that the fuel pump is close to failing, you may notice that your vehicle does not have enough power to operate under stressful conditions.

Unexplained Surging

It is also possible for a vehicle to begin surging when the fuel pump is not operating properly. Your car may be running at a consistent speed, and then out of nowhere it may increase speed for no reason and feel like the gas pedal was pressed. This happens because the fuel pump is unable to regulate the amount of fuel traveling to the engine properly. Vehicle surges can be very dangerous -- if you experience a vehicle surge, immediately stop driving and have your car towed to an auto repair shop.

Car Won't Start

When a fuel pump fails altogether, your car will not start since no gas is traveling to the engine. Your engine will continue to crank when you try to start it, but it will never turn on due to lack of fuel. In this type of situation, you will need to have your vehicle towed to a repair shop, so it can be diagnosed and the fuel pump can be replaced. 

For more information, contact your local auto repair services.

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