Dealing With An Annoying Vibration Under Your Truck

Owning a vehicle of any kind means dealing with breakdowns and problems from time to time, but having a heavy-duty truck is often harder because the truck is most likely a work truck of some sort. Vibrations or shakes under the truck can be a sign of a bigger problem, but if you take the truck in for repair as soon as you notice the problem, you may be able to head off a major breakdown.

Noises and Vibrations

Some of the hardest things to diagnose start as a slight vibration under your truck. The vibration can be something very minor or could be a sign that something like an axle or the transmission is failing. The only way to know what is causing the vibration is to take notice of what is happening, when it is happening, and then having a mechanic thoroughly inspect the truck for damage. 

In many situations, the vibration may be what you are feeling, but there is often more evidence of the problem under the vehicle that you cant see. A transmission problem could cause a vibration, but it may also be leaking from a seal or crack in the case that you can only see from under the truck.

Inspect the Running Gear

The first thing your mechanic is going to do when looking for vibrations is to drive the truck. If they can feel the vibration, they can often get a better idea of where to start looking. They will see if the tire shake feels much different than an axle that is vibrating in the axle housing or transmission that has a bearing ready to fail. 

Once the tech has some idea what they are dealing with, they will put the truck up in the air on a lift and start looking at every component that moves when the truck is moving. That means starting with the tires, brakes, driveshaft, axles, and even checking the transmission for problems. 

Make the Repair

Once the tech or mechanic has found the issue that is causing the vibration in your truck, they can correct the problem. If the vibration was something simple like a tire that was out of balance, the fix might be inexpensive and quick to complete.

If the vibration stems from a significant component on the truck like the transmission, it may take more time and money to fix, but catching it early could reduce the likelihood of damage to other parts like the engine or driveshaft. Get the truck into the shop as soon as you notice a problem, and you may save yourself from a much larger problem down the road.

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